Microsoft plans to bring AI-powered Copilot in Outlook classic app on Windows

October 19, 2023

Microsoft is apparently not going to keep its powerful AI-backed Copilot tool to be an exclusive feature for newer apps. Now, the company has just announced that it plans to bring Copilot in Outlook classic app on Windows.

As posted on its 365 Roadmap site, the preview will begin in January next year, until its worldwide rollout in March on the desktop for the current channel. 

Copilot is a productivity tool that uses large language models (LLMs) to help users with tasks such as writing emails, summarizing documents, and translating languages.

Honestly? It sounds promising. 

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One of the key features of it is its ability to summarize email threads and extract key points. This can be very helpful for users who need to quickly catch up on a long email thread or who need to identify the most important information in a thread.

There’ll always be a feature called “sound like me.” Basically, Copilot will analyze your writing style when drafting a message/email on Outlook and then match it. You, then, can let the AI write the email for you and hit Send.

Thoughts on this change?

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