New update for autocomplete in Google Chrome corrects your typo even if you butcher the words

October 19, 2023

Google is rolling out an important update for its browser’s address bar. Now, the autocomplete in Google Chrome is getting a few new feature additions and improvements, and here’s what it means. 

The autocomplete feature is getting smarter. Even if you butcher the spelling of a URL name in the address bar, Chrome can now detect those and immediately show you suggestions. 

“As the days get shorter this fall, you might be looking for ways to maximize your time,” says Google. 

Not only that, but Google also says that it’ll autocomplete URLs based on a word you’ve previously used to search. So, if you type “flights,” the browser will suggest you visit the Google Flights site. Even better, if it’s a popular site, Google will suggest them in the drop-down. 

“Thanks to an improved visual layout, the Chrome desktop address bar is now easier to read. It’s also more responsive, so you’ll get even faster results as soon as you start typing,” Google adds.

A little while back, the popular browser also rolled out its latest edition, and it looks fresh with new fonts, a rounded look, and more support for its side panel.

Thoughts on these changes?

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