Microsoft Edge is getting a new share menu

October 14, 2023
Microsoft Edge Share sheet

Back in 2021, Microsoft introduced the new share menu that made it easy for users to share links via popular services, from email to social networks. Microsoft is now revamping the share menu in Microsoft Edge browser. The new share menu is now live for Edge Canary users. As you can see from the screenshot above, the new share menu now has a new UI, and it appears right below the Share button which will appear in the address bar.

The new share menu in Microsoft Edge provides following features:

  • Ability to copy the URL
  • Ability to create QR code for the URL
  • Ability to send the URL to mobile devices
  • Ability to share via popular services including Facebook, X, Outlook, LinkedIn and others.

Microsoft will be rolling out this new share menu to Edge Dev and Edge Beta channel users in the coming weeks.



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