Upcoming Firefox Update Promises 25% Reduction in Power Consumption When streaming YouTube Videos

October 14, 2023

In an effort to enhance user experience and energy efficiency, Firefox is working on an update that will reduce power consumption while streaming videos on YouTube. This update targeted for Firefox 120 is expected to address a specific issue related to video playback.

In a recent development, YouTube, a platform known for its leading role in video content delivery and streaming, has been grappling with a bug that has affected its video playback. The bug, identified as Bug 1849680, has caused a regression in the video overlay function, which is not working as expected unless in full-screen mode.

Firefox update to reduce power consumption while watching YouTube videos by 25% on Windows

The issue is related to video overlay and rounded corners. It was investigated on different platforms and browsers and Mozilla found that videos with rounded corners had more problems.

The bug report shows a complex problem in Firefox that affects YouTube video rendering and performance. The problem involves masks and opaque compositor surfaces.

The development team at Firefox engaged in discussions comparing how other browsers, such as Chromium, handle similar situations.

Several patches were developed and implemented to rectify the problem. Mozilla claimed “we’ve (they) cut the power consumed by Firefox when watching videos in some cases by 25% ” by fixing this bug. The enhancement is for Firefox on Windows. The company has confirmed power consumption improvements on YouTube for the Mac version of Firefox are also in the pipeline.

In summary, this upcoming Firefox update is expected to improve video rendering and performance on YouTube, particularly for videos with rounded corners on the Windows platform.

The efforts to reduce power consumption on YouTube are indicative of Firefox’s commitment to providing users with a seamless and energy-efficient video streaming experience.

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