Microsoft announces new Surface Hub 3 with Portrait, Smart Rotation and Smart AV

September 21, 2023
Microsoft Surface Hub 2023

Microsoft Surface Hub 2023

Back in 2019, Microsoft first announced Surface Hub 2S, an interactive Whiteboard for meetings. Microsoft promised so many groundbreaking technologies such as replaceable compute cartridges, modern Windows shell and more. But Microsoft didn’t deliver any of them, instead Surface Hub 2S just became a large screen Windows PC.

Early this year, Microsoft announced that a brand-new Surface Hub will join the Microsoft Teams Rooms family to become the first touch-enabled board running Teams Rooms on Windows.

Today, Microsoft announced Surface Hub 3 featuring a thin edge and bezel, dual active inking, and 20-point multi-touch with built-in palm rejection support. It will be available in both 50-inch and 85-inch variants. The 50-inch Surface Hub 3 will bring entirely new ways to co-create with Portrait, Smart Rotation and Smart AV. The new Surface Hub 3 will also come with AI-enhanced collaboration tools – like Cloud IntelliFrame and Copilot in Whiteboard.

Surface Hub 3 features:

  • Smart Rotation and Portrait: physically rotate Surface Hub 3 50” between Portrait or Landscape at any time to adapt the screen layout to suit your needs, whether for a natural Whiteboarding session or a more personable one-on-one call.
  • Mobility and Versatility: The Surface Hub 3 50” is fully mobile on a Steelcase Roam Stand , offering flexibility in deployment. Choose from a variety of stands and wall-mounting solutions from Steelcase and our Designed for Surface partners.  With the APC Charge Mobile Battery , the Surface Hub 3 50” can be taken virtually anywhere in the building.
  • Premium  Design: Surface Hub 3 prioritizes inclusive meetings with clear audio and visuals. The high-resolution, 4K PixelSense display with an anti-glare coating makes content visible in any lighting condition.
  • Intelligent Audio: The Surface Hub 3 50” features two microphone arrays and speaker pairings. Smart AV optimizes audio based on device orientation, delivering the best stereo experience whether in Portrait or Landscape.
  • Seamless Integration: Surface Hub 3 pairs with Microsoft Teams Rooms certified peripherals in larger conference rooms, thanks to the Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows platform. This creates a world of possibilities for different meeting spaces, from traditional setups to large classrooms, with external microphones, speakers, cameras, and more.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Surface Hub 3 supports active inking with up to two Surface Hub Pens or Surface Slim pens, providing 20 points of multitouch for immersive on-device collaboration. Built-in palm rejection ensures a natural interaction experience.
  • Faster Performance: with a 60% CPU performance increase, and a 160% GPU graphics performance increase gen-on-gen, Surface Hub 3 customers will enjoy a more powerful system that is also primed to capitalize on future software innovation. With these capabilities and more, Surface Hub 3 revolutionizes meetings, offering a versatile and inclusive solution for modern workspaces.

Another good news is that customers can upgrade in-market Surface Hub 2S devices by replacing the existing cartridge with the Surface Hub 3 Pack. This modular Surface Hub design makes it possible to get the latest hardware without purchasing an entirely new device.  Software updates to migrate to Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows experience will also be available for Surface Hub 2S devices in 2024.


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